Radiator                                   Problems??




We have been repairing and supplying radiators since the early 1990s. We can manufacture special radiators to your specifications or drawings. All work is fully guaranteed. We can obtain hard to find items, and get them to your door in double quick time. We offer a full diagnosis and fitting service for all cars.

In order to make sure that you receive the correct item we have two typical layouts below.  Simply re-print and fax to us with the required dimensions, or telephone and we will talk you through it. Please note that it will sometimes be difficult to accurately measure your radiator whilst it is still in the vehicle. Just occasionally the manufacturer decides to be helpful and displays their part number, if you see it let us know, it may help us to supply the correct item to you


Information we will need

  • Make, model,year, engine size of vehicle plus whether it is manual transmission and fitted with air conditioning. (Sometimes we may need an engine or chassis number.)


Where there are variations we may also need some or all of the following


  • What the radiator is made from. eg brass or plastic tanks. Copper or Aluminium core
  • Dimensions as detailed on the drawings below in millimetres.
  • Location of all hose fittings, brackets etc. (From engine side.)

Yes it is complicated but this is simply because  the manufacturers alter the parts fitted to their cars for it seems no real reason. Of course you welcome to simply visit us.









The two drawings above are for a cross flow and down flow radiator. The distance between the tanks is known as the height irrespective of the fact that in a cross flow rad the height is actually the width.

The second dimension is the width to the edge of the cooling element itself (excluding any side frames.) The width is the measurement @ 90 degrees to the height.

The third dimension is cooling element thickness. This is the thickness of the bit the air flows through. Not the tanks.

On occasions you may need to know the distance between any lugs, and if there are any additional mounting points for fans etc.

 Remember to give all dimensions in millimeters



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