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Most of us would like to reduce the impact that mankind makes on the environment, and we are happy to do our bit. The green lobby is rightly very strong, and the recycling efforts of us all should not be under-estimated, however we live in a world where these benefits are not enough.

For the vast majority of people and companies unless there are economic benefits as well then any alternative fuel will be a non starter.

Autogas costs about 50 pence per litre, and petrol more than twice that. It does not take a genius to realise that the savings on fuel will be very considerable, perhaps not 50% but not far off.

Conversion costs.

The bottom line   is it all depends on what you want. Below are a few typical conversion costs, to give you an idea. To work out how much you can save check out our ready reckoner, and try not to be too depressed about how much you spend on fuel at present.  The Generation 3 (SGI) conversions are more expensive, as the equipment is much more sophisticated. With SGI however a whole range of vehicles can now be converted that would have been a complete nightmare in the past. To learn more about this equipment please look in system types.

Generation 2 Conversions

Range Rover 3.9 Injection    1450.00 plus vat.*
Vauxhall Vectra    1450.00 plus vat *
Ford Mondeo    1450.00 plus vat *
Rolls Royce Shadow (Carburetor)    1250.00 plus vat *

Generation 3 Conversions

 4 Cylinder vehicles    1750.00 plus vat *
 6 Cylinder vehicles    1850.00 plus vat *
 8 Cylinder vehicles    1950.00 plus vat *
 Turbo-charged vehicles    POA (But often no more expensive)

* Variations to these prices can be expected, depending on the customers requirements...For a    proper quotation please contact us.


  • What is Autogas? - What it is, where it comes from.  
  • Overview             -  For those with a short attention span;; 
  • Ready reckoner   -  Calculate the savings you will make on fuel purchases.  

  • History.               - Learn about this fuel. (Its been around longer than you think)

  • Environment        - Why Autogas is a "green fuel."

  • System types      - Look at the equipment.

  • Advantages.        - Looks at advantages and dis-advantages

  • Fuel availability   - Where to fill up, and a link to the LPGA.

  • Prices.                 - How much your conversion could cost                ?

  • FAQs                     - Frequently asked questions.


Autogas conversions save you money, and help our environment

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