Mot Tests

Every year you have to wheel your car in to let someone kick the tyres and wobble the steering, for this you are charged over 50 pounds.    Daylight robbery?

Now I could get angry, but I won't. The Mot tester is a highly trained technician who checks your car against a set of set criteria, his aim is to ensure that it safe for you to drive,  unlikely to damage a passing pedestrian, and environmentally friendly. The Test Station will have invested many thousands of pounds in equipment to ensure that your car  receives a fair and thorough examination. 

The maximum test fee is currently a little over 50.00 (No Vat chargeable) we believe that this is exceptional value for the work carried out, and the level of responsibility placed upon both the test station and the actual tester.

During 2005 and early 2006 the Mot process was computerised. This was an incredible achievement as over 18,000 individual businesses were integrated into a system with over 50,000 vehicle testers, there have been a few blips and teething problems but on the whole this has been a remarkable success.

Along with computerisation came the first major alteration to the testing procedure in many years. Previously if your vehicle failed a test on anything other than free retest items, a full examination should have been carried out when brought back for the re-test. It has to be said that this frequently did not happen but nevertheless  that was what the rule book stated. We can now carry out a partial test within the rules and charge up to half of the full fee.

If you feel that your car has been unfairly failed or indeed passed when it should not, you have the right to appeal to the agency responsible (VOSA) They will investigate on every occasion and take action against the test station where necessary.

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