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The British Standards Institution's coveted kitemark is recognised by most people as a sign of quality. In March 2006 Powerbase became only the fifth company in the country to be awarded this prestigious symbol for the quality of our automotive service.  In addition we were amongst the first companies to be approved by Kent Trading Standards as part of their "Buy With Confidence" scheme, yet more proof that we take customer care very seriously indeed.

The Powerbase team does not claim to have any totally original ideas about presenting and conducting ourselves, the products or services. We do believe that being friendly, informative, and above all honest, is the key to success. This can be demonstrated by our willingness to publish our labour rates, and allow customers to view the work  carried out and to inspect any worn parts replaced.

Any diagnostic work carried out on a vehicle is  fully explained to the customer by a qualified technician where possible with the help of computer print outs, and graphics.

All work carried out on a vehicle is always agreed beforehand, with either a close indication of the final price, or a maximum budget set by the customer. Any variation from this will be agreed before proceeding further. (To look at our scale of charges please click HERE)

The reception area is clean with comfortable seating, magazines and  hot drinks "on tap". We  endeavour to make the customer feel confident in our ability by having a professional manner and method of working.

If problems do occur, (like all organisations things can sometimes go wrong) we try to deal with complaints and problems sympathetically and will normally give the customer the benefit of any doubt. But if in the unlikely event that we cannot come to an amicable settlement then we offer an independent  complaint resolution service. There is no cost incurred by our customer. 

Remember our reputation is extremely important to us as we continue to expand our business. After all,  the best (and cheapest) form of advertising is recommendation. To see a small selection of testimonials provided by our customers just click here

The ultimate recognition of the quality of our work and customer service came in March 2006 when we became one of the very first vehicle workshops in the Country to be awarded the British Standard Institution's Kitemark for Automotive Repair. "Kitemark Automotive" is set to become the Gold Standard for those people and organisations seeking a quality service. In addition we are members of Kent Trading Standards "Buy With Confidence" scheme, have signed up to "Motorcodes" a code of practice set up by the motor repair industry itself.

Finally we offer an almost unheard of guarantee. Because we are so confident in the quality of our work, we offer a money back guarantee on all servicing work. If we fail to carry out an item on the manufacturers service schedule or do the work incorrectly we will rectify the fault and refund the full labour content of that service.


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