All Makes Autogas Repairs

We install Tartarini equipment when we carry out autogas conversions. The reasons for this are simple, the equipment is excellent and there is a network of installers throughout the country that are able to carry out repairs. The same is not true for many other makes and as a result vehicle owners may struggle to find someone in easy travelling distance who is capable of carrying out routine servicing or repairs to their gas system.

In an effort to overcome this problem the UK’s regulatory body UKLPG (formerly known as the LPGA) have instigated an initiative whereby qualified and certificated installation companies will be authorised to maintain other makes of autogas system. The vast majority of manufacturers and importers of Autogas systems are backing them by offering equipment, parts and technical backup.

We fully support UKLPG in their aim and will be offering customers a repair service to all makes of Autogas systems where information and parts are available. However potential customers should be aware that it could be more economical to visit a company who specialises in the equipment fitted to their vehicle. This is because every manufacturer uses unique software and frequently a bespoke loom to communicate with the on board computer. These will need to to be purchased if we intend to interrogate systems or amend programmes. It must also be understood that there is a learning curve involved in getting to grips with an unfamiliar system.

We of course understand that this information may put potential customers off, but it is essential that we are totally ‘up-front’  because a potential customer needs to be able to make a decision as to whether the best choice is to come to us, return to the original installer, or leave the system broken.

If on the other hand you would like to contact the manufacturer direct to find out if you have a specialist in that particular make close to you, (they may well be less expensive) please feel free to get in touch or open up the pdf file below


Autogas equipment manufacturers



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