Air Conditioning Service Options

The chances are that when your car arrives at our workshop for an air conditioning service it will simply be because it is not working, and the main reason that it will not be working is because it is low on, or out of refrigerant gas. So we will always start along the process by carrying out a re-gas procedure, and because we recognise that you have no desire to give us 'a blank cheque' we give you two alternatives.

 1.    Evacuation and Re-charge A basic no frills service where we :

  • Analyse the gas in the system (if any).
  • Carry out a brief inspection of components where possible.
  • Recover, filter and dry any gas within a charging station.
  • Evacuate the system for ten minutes.
  • Vacuum test for leaks for five minutes.
  • Re-charge with correct quantity of gas
  • Leak test system using Corona (Sniff) tester.
  • Check system performance and pressure.

All at a cost of just 65.00 including vat, with the added sweetener that if a leak is found or the system fails to work at the end of the process we will remove the gas and charge a reduced fee of just 50.00

You can elect to have leak trace dye added and this will cost you 10.00 including vat when done at the same time as the above.

Finally, remember this is a very basic service and should not be confused with our much more comprehensive Full Air Conditioning Service that incorporates Industry Best Practice to ensure the best  result.

2.   The Full Air Conditioning Service covers:

  • Gas analysis
  • Visual check of all components inc belts and electrical connections.
  • Gas recovery, filtration and drying.
  • Cleaning and inspection of condensor
  • Purging system to remove air with Oxygen Free Nitrogen.
  • Pressure testing system to minimum 15 bar.
  • Anti-fungal/Antibacterial treatment of evaporator.
  • Deep vacuum of system to remove residual moisture.
  • Vacuum test for leakage.
  • Introduction of leak test dye. (To help detect any leak that occurs at a later date)
  • Re-charge with correct quantity of gas.
  • Check system for performance and pressure.
  • Re-check system for leaks.
  • Check/un-block evaporator drain.

At  115.00 including vat this comprehensive service represents superb value for money especially as we offer you two safeguards:

  1. If during the above process we find a problem that will stop the system working properly we will abort the service and charge a maximum of 65.00 including vat.
  2. Should your air conditioning fails  within three months and you ask us to carry out repairs the re-gas element will be without cost to you.

A note of caution. We cannot over stress that the procedures above are services and not repairs, so although the work that we carry out is fully guaranteed, there is no implication that once we have carried out this work that the rest of the air conditioning system will then be in good condition and work without fault.


Add on Extras and Stand Alone Tests.

Ultra Violet Leak Location.

Charged on a time taken basis. But on average the process rarely takes longer than 45 minutes to complete. (Allow 45.00 inc vat). However if you book your vehicle in for repairs to be carried out this amount will be deducted from your final invoice. (Remember leak trace dye must have been introduced during the re-gas process.)

Replacing Pollen Filter

Often forgotten during routine vehicle servicing this filter removes pollution from the air you breath, and helps to prevent allergic reactions bought on by pollen etc. This is a relatively inexpensive job especially when done as part of an air con service. Average cost including parts, labour and vat is about 35.00

Antifungal/Antibacterial Treatment.

This is already included within our standard air con service but is frequently requested on it's own as customers realise just how nasty the collection of moulds and bacterium can be that build up over time on the evaporator leading to allergic reactions and some pretty unpleasant smells. The cost of this process is 34.00 including vat.

Replace Receiver/Dryer.

The reasons for doing this are explained elsewhere but manufacturers will normally suggest that this component is changed every couple of years. Costs vary considerably depending on where it is located and the price of the part, however when changed during the re-gas process one hundred pounds will normally cover everything.

Air Con Sealant.- The Last Resort.

We do not recommend that you have sealant fitted into your air conditioning system because it will react within any moisture and form a sludge that could block valves and cause damage to the compressor. Once fitted it will mean that any refrigerant later recovered will have to be disposed of and the entire system fully flushed prior to repairing.

It is only suitable for stopping very minor leaks that leech out over a period in excess of a month, and even this cannot be guaranteed.

That being said we recognise that on occasions it will be the most viable option available especially where replacement of components would be extremely expensive on an older vehicle. Because of this we reluctantly offer it as an option.

Leak sealant treatment costs 48.00 plus vat, per vehicle. It must be added after pulling an extensive vacuum and before refrigerant gas is added There is no guarantee that it will work, and you must fully understand that even if a leak is rectified other problems may occur in due course. You have been warned!



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