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Advantages & Disadvantages

Lets talk about disadvantages first- The problem is there are very few, however lets list some. If anyone can think of any more they will be included, because although our ultimate aim is to sell conversions, it is important that you know the facts "warts and all."


Its big, its heavy, and it needs to go somewhere. The options are in place of the spare wheel, and on some vehicles, next to a replacement fuel tank.

Where to fill up.?

There are now well over fourteen hundred sites throughout the country, and many more in mainland Europe. The LPGA web site has a downloadable list.

Loss of power?

Not always true, and in normal driving situations not noticeable anyway.   

Driveability problems.

To a large extent this is no longer a problem, the latest systems offer a seamless change between petrol and LPG without the need to adapt your driving style. With the older style conversion kits the main problem was caused by those with heavy right feet suddenly flooring the accelerator, because of a slight delay in getting the gas into the engine, there may a hesitation, or a back-fire in the inlet manifold. This was not common but a major back-fire can do some damage. As already explained the newer (Generation 3) systems overcome this.

To find out more about Generation 3 systems  click here

Why not to convert

Not all vehicles are suitable for conversion to LPG. A diesel engine would need major engine work before being able to run on gas, and although a number of organisations have gone along this route, for most people and companies it is not a viable proposition.

If you need every inch of space in the car and cannot mount the tanks outside or in the spare wheel well then it is not worth pursuing. Finally if the car is not able to run on un-leaded fuel it will eventually suffer from valve seat recession, in the vast majority of other cases provided your conversion is carried out properly the vehicle will work perfectly well. 

That is all the disadvantages, now for the advantages---

  • Cheap fuel--- Less than half the price of petrol.

  • Less wear on the engine. (possibly)

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Good thing to talk about in the pub.


  • What is Autogas? - What it is, where it comes from.  
  • Overview             -  For those with a short attention span;; 
  • Ready reckoner   -  Calculate the savings you will make on fuel purchases.  

  • History.               - Learn about this fuel. (Its been around longer than you think)

  • Environment        - Why Autogas is a "green fuel."

  • System types      - Look at the equipment.

  • Advantages.        - Looks at advantages and dis-advantages

  • Fuel availability   - Where to fill up, and a link to the LPGA.

  • Prices.                 - How much your conversion could cost              

  • FAQs                    - Frequently asked questions.


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